CJC PROPERTY are real estate professionals. They have excellent people skills and have proven ability to identify and understand their clients real estate needs and delivers these needs to an agreed standard.

CJC PROPERTY are committed to improving their clients real estate experience by making them the first choice when it comes to managing your asset.

CJC PROPERTY are proud of their achievements and the repeat business and referrals they get are a testament to their skills, knowledge and experience.


I am a fully licensed real estate agent and have held my license for almost 20 years. My career started in Commercial Real Estate working for a very successful property investor in the CBD.

I started my own business in residential property management 12 years ago and have built up a rent role mainly in the Sutherland Shire but with a number of prestige properties across the Sydney metro area.

I have also successfully marketed and sold a number of residential properties for my investors.

It is very important to me to identify and understand the needs of both landlords and tenants. In my experience the better the relationship with the tenant the more likely they look after the property and treat it as their own. Matching the right tenants for the right properties is a critical function of my business. I consider working hard to ensure a harmonious relationship with both property owners and tenants during my contract a key principal.

I always endeavour to provide potential tenants with as much information as possible about your property. Each property is unique and has features that may be important to them. My aim is to make sure that potential tenants have all the information and great photos that showcase your property to its optimum level.

As well as scheduled opens for your property I can conduct private inspections if it is more convenient for serious, potential tenants.

Conducting regular inspections of your property is paramount in ensuring that you don't end up with unexpected and costly expenses to your property. I work with a team of proven professional tradespeople whom I have dealt with for over ten years.

Tenants generally deposit rent directly into my trust account. When a tenants rental account goes into arrears early intervention is crucial in order to protect the income stream for the owner and prevent the tenant from falling into further debt. To avoid rental arrears I closely monitor the accounts on a weekly basis. If a tenant has fallen into arrears I contact them immediately and negotiate a repayment plan in order to get them back into advance. When necessary a breach order is given if more than 14 days in arrears.